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Third NEOGEO Station Released

Image by ArtemioUrbina via Flickr

If you’re old enough to remember the Neo-Geo console or have done a bit of research, you’ll know that the system was quite expensive, but what was even more ridiculous was the cost of the games which, for the time, was really the elite of gaming due to only the rich being able to afford it.
If you thought paying £50 for a Nintendo 64 game was bad, think yourself lucky that you didn’t have to pay up to and including £130. Yes, Neo-Geo games would and did cost as much as over £100, that’s why it’s nice that you can buy the old classic games at a WAY lower price on such as Virtual Console or as this news is about, the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation 3 and PSP versions of Shock Troopers and World Heroes are now available for you to buy, new additions to the existing King of Fighters ’95 and ’95, Samurai Showdown and Metal Slug.

“As we will continue to keep releasing nostalgic NEOGEO masterpieces, stay tuned to NEOGEO Station on our official website, and by becoming a member of our frequently updated official Facebook Fan Page for more info!”

Not sure why that was quoted in the press release or who by, but it contains good info of where to go for more info!