Tis the Season of Gears of War 3

It seems Rockstar started a new trend by offering DLC at a reduced price when bought altogether, including future content for L.A. Noire and now Microsoft are doing the same for Gears of War 3. In a similar move, Microsoft and Epic Games have announced the Gears of War 3 Season Pass which allows you to buy the first four DLC for 33% less than if you bought them separately.

GoW3 Pass Poster.jpg
The first installment of downloadable content will arrive in November, I’d say approximately six weeks after Gears of War 3 is released, which is scheduled for September 20th. The Season Pass will be able to be bought for 2400 Microsoft Points with an added incentive, by purchasing the pass, you will be given an exclusive Liquid Metal Lancer.

GoW3 Liquid Lancer.jpg

The Season Pass will be available from the same day as the game is released, so remember to stock up on points so that you don’t miss out… even though it will be an ongoing offer, so don’t panic about not getting it straight away, it will constantly be 2400 MSP!