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Come and Flip a Switch!

Videogame music has come a long way from just blips and beeps, gone are the 2 and 3 channel midi tunes, now full orchestras are used in more epic titles, but there’s on tune that is just so addictive, everyone should know about it!

Thief Steps Out of the Shadows

You’ve probably already seen it, Square Enix released a trailer for the next game in the Thief franchise, simply known as… Thief, coming to PC and next generation consoles.

Get Steamy with Lara and Hotline Miami

Feeling adventurous? Raiding tombs and shooting up the place is what Steam has for you this weekend, but you’ll have to hurry if you want to catch the start of the Square Enix Weekend, you have until 6pm to save 75% off Tomb Raider titles.

Tomb Raider 'Survivor' Trailer

Did you watch the Video Game Awards? Since it was pretty much a first for UK Xbox owners, I streamed it on the Xbox 360 and also used the SmartGlass app to vote for stuff, and watch some great trailers a bit like the Tomb Raider one featured in this post.

Hitman Goes HD

In what seems a continuing trend for games that are around five or six years old or more, Square Enix are bringing the Hitman HD Trilogy to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but not until February 2013 when we’ll probably all be dead anyway.

Tomb Raider Special Editions Revealed

Which version of Tomb Raider are you going to get? What do you mean, you haven’t seen what you get in the Collector’s or Survival Editions yet? Well, it’s a good thing I made this post, isn’t it, as images of the sets are below!

An Absolutely Deluxe Hitman Unboxing

In what seems to have become a trend, IO Interactive decided it would be a good idea to basically spoil what is kind of a tradition of getting a special edition of a game and enjoying everything about opening it all up by making an unboxing video for Hitman Absolution Deluxe Professional Edition.

Rihanna Spotted in Hitman Clothes

Videogame companies like to spread the word about their products, well, who doesn’t, but in this case, choosing someone as high profile like Rihanna, you’re sure to have whatever you give them noticed by millions of people.

The Facts About Sleeping Dogs

Not much of a fact sheet really, more of a brief overview of the game, but at least there are some screenshots for you to look at as well. The only problem is, you’ve probably already seen them since we’re playing major catchup trying to get all these fact sheets up here…