Humble Sakura Bundle Returns

I’ve been going through the site to tweak stuff and noticed that I posted a Sakura Collection Humble Bundle deal last year, there’s another one this year.

There aren’t as many in this Sakura Series bundle, four less than the Collection bundle, but it’s still a good deal if you missed out last time.
Sakura Gamer
72p (£0.72/$1) gets you:

  • Sakura Gamer
  • Sakura Space
  • Sakura Sadist
  • Sakura Agent
  • Sakura Shine Girls

£6.20 also gets you:

  • Sakura Nova
  • Sakura Swim Club
  • Sakura Gamer 2
  • Sakura Fox Adventure
  • Sakura MMO 3

£8.72 will get you all 16 games, adding:

  • Sakura Knight 2
  • Sakura Knight 3
  • Sakura Succubus
  • Sakura Succubus 2
  • Sakura Succubus 3
  • Sakura Dungeon

To go buy any or all of the bundle, you can either click on the image in the sidebar or here if that’s more convenient. You have around 12 and a half days from time of posting to get the bundle.

Also, I wouldn’t suggest buying the Sakura games to stream, most of them are on the Twitch Banned Games list, so it’s not worth the risk.