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What's Happening at Xbox?

Xbox UK has ruffled some feathers in the gaming community by simply changing profile pictures and header images on Twitter and Facebook. Why? Because they’re images from the original Xbox and it’s caused some speculation.

Kinect-less Xbox One More Appealing?

With Microsoft announcing the Xbox One becoming available without the Kinect, has it made it more appealing to buying one now? Many have said it was just a gimmick and was the why they didn’t get the console at launch.

LEGO Featured in Xbox 360 Deals

Major Nelson has listed the elitist ‘Deals with Gold’ and while the Xbox One deals are nothing of interest, the Xbox 360 deals are a lot more exciting. There’s even something free, but not that exciting, it is Microsoft after all.


Twitch Streaming Dated for Xbox One

Twitch streaming has been available on the PlayStation 4 since its launch, it’s just a pity there weren’t many games to stream except the usual Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts and FIFA, now it has been announced that the Xbox One will finally be able to stream.

Xbox One Titanfall Bundle Announced

Xbox One, the latest console from the Microsoft who brought you the Xbox 360, it has been struggling since launch in November of 2013 and now has some gamers up-in-arms about an announcement today of a new, cheaper bundle.

Redeeming a Code on Xbox One

Redeeming codes on Xbox can be a bit of a chore, unless you redeem it online, you’re stuck with using the controller or typing it in with the messenger pad or connected USB keyboard, not with Xbox One you’re not.

A Closer Look at the Xbone Controller

A video featuring Xbox’s own Major Nelson (Larry Hyrb) and General Manager, Zulfi Alam takes a closer look at the Xbox One (or more commonly known as Xbone) controller and its over 40 different changes compared to the Xbox 360 pad.

Xbox Logo

Xbox Not-So-Rewarding

In an effort to try to give something back to the gamers, Microsoft created Xbox Live Rewards, a scheme which rewards you for playing games or doing menial tasks like filling in a survey every month.

Last Weeks XBL Activity

Major Nelson has posted the Xbox Live Activity charts for what was most played from the week starting February 18th and it seems while Dead Space 3 was hyped up so much, it doesn’t appear to be getting much use online and there’s a surprising entry at number nine.

Why You Should Ditch Xbox Live for PS Plus

Yes, it’s one of those posts, you don’t have to read it, but I would appreciate it if you would at least skim through it. This isn’t because someone else posted an article like this just recently, it was something planned when the latest Instant Game Collection was announced, similar views are purely coincidental.