What's Happening at Xbox?

Xbox UK has ruffled some feathers in the gaming community by simply changing profile pictures and header images on Twitter and Facebook. Why? Because they’re images from the original Xbox and it’s caused some speculation.

The original Xbox launched on November 15th, 2001 which is 15 years ago tomorrow. There is apparently a celebration going on tomorrow according to this tweet:

xbox-uk-fbSome are speculating that Xbox games are coming to backwards compatibility, it’s a bit of a long shot, but there were some rumours going around not so long ago that Microsoft may be working on that.
Obviously there hasn’t been any official word on original Xbox games coming to backwards compatibility, but some gamers are living in hope. The only thing I think will happen is there could be some kind of sale and a free sweater for your avatar.
If they don’t make the old games BC, then maybe they’ll do something similar to PlayStation and put the games up on the store for you to buy, but wouldn’t that mean some kind of emulation? If so, would it be BC via the Xbox 360 emulator they use for BC on the Xbox One?
It all seems a bit far-fetched to expect anything too exciting, this is Microsoft after all and it’s quite rare they give away freebies. As someone who went Xbox instead of PlayStation, I’ll certainly be looking out for what will happen tomorrow.