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Conquer COVID-19 Bundle Header

Conquer COVID-19 Humble Bundle

Conquer COVID-19 Humble Bundle is a collection of games and ebooks to help you pass the time while in quarantine, self-isolation or lockdown, but helps provide funds to organisations who are providing extra help.

Sakura Bundle Collection

Humble Sakura Collection

The Humble Sakura Collection is almost at an end, so if you want up to twenty Sakura games at a bargain price, you’d better go buy them now!

Humble Partner Header

Humble Choice March 2020

Humble Choice is ready for you to choose your games! Humble Bundle still has a good choice of bundles every month, but I don’t share every bundle as I’m more about gaming than anything else, such as comics, books, etc.

Humble Streaming Software Bundle

Stream Like a Pro

Stream like a pro with a new bundle which includes software and licenses starting from just a one month subscription to a year of premium content.

A Minecraft Dilemma

A Minecraft dilemma… I’ve come so far with my FTB Beyond playthrough on the Team Emmmmsie server and the base area is coming along nicely, but I’m not sure if it’s worth continuing on there.

Bethesda Opens EU Store

Bethesda has finally opened a store in Europe, so that you won’t have to pay that $13 UPS shipping charge. The ironic thing though, it’s based in Germany which means they get the cheapest shipping cost.

Games Left Out of Public Domain

Copyright on things usually expires after so many years, but as posted by Game Politics, anything before 1976 could have its copyright doubled from 28 years to 56, but usually only if the creator is still alive.

Enter Battlefront with Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach are one of the top names in gaming, they’re partnered with Twitch and create a wealth of amazing headsets aimed specifically at gamers. Their latest announcement is for a couple of Battlefront themed headsets which work on PS4, Xbox One and PC.