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Big Xbox Game Store Sale!

You may have heard about the recent name change to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace to Xbox Game Store, nothing else has changed, although, we might see a cosmetic difference if Microsoft decide to redesign it for when the Xbone is launched.

Should Filesize Affect Price?

A discussion you can often find around gaming websites and forums is whether the size of a game should affect the cost, not downloadable content, although, that will be covered (and sort of has before), but the full price, full base game.

On Xbox Live (Nov 27-Dec 10)

Plenty to choose from on Xbox Live as some classic SEGA fighting action arrives on the Arcade, Mass Effect 3: Omega launches and Grand Theft Auto IV and the add-ons are Deal of the Week.

Xbox Live Content Until June 11th

Streets of Rage for 800 MSP? I know you get all three games for that, but come on, money for old rope? A good deal will start from the 6th of June as Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Collection is cut by 50% to 800 MSP, as well as Borderlands add-ons.

Xbox Live Content Till May 16th

Looking for something to buy on Xbox Live over the next couple of weeks? Fable Heroes and Minecraft are released in this first half of the month, a bunch of SSX DLC and this week sees Battlefield Karkland on offer for 600 MSP, that’s 50% off!

People WILL Pay Full Price for GoD

I’ve always thought of Xbox Live’s Games on Demand service is over-priced and I don’t think I’m alone in thinking so, Pav Bhardwaj doesn’t think so, but who is he to come to the defense of Games on Demand? Oh, he’s the UK Project Manager, apparently.

Xbox Live Content Until April 2nd

Major Nelson has posted what is available for the next two weeks which include a THQ sale, upcoming add-ons and when Gears of War 3 is arriving on Games on Demand, but remember, the information may not apply to all regions and short dates (3/20) are US dates (UK should be the day after, usually).

Capcom Xbox Live Deals of the Week

While a Ubisoft sale won’t be hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace until December 6th, Capcom are the publishers featured in the Xbox Live Deal of the Week until December 5th. Other stuff is available which are also mentioned below.

XBL Cyber Monday Crazy Prices!

If you thought Black Friday saw some great deals with games at low prices, the Xbox Live Marketplace Cyber Monday deals are amazing, with only four titles on offer, there’s one that as every good gamer will tell you, you should not miss out on!

What an 800 MS Points Card Sleeve Looks Like

This is a bit of a strange one, Microsoft released an image of something without any news or information, then it made sense, they’re going to be releasing Microsoft Points cards of just 800 points. Then I thought, can’t you already buy an 800 MS Points card? Little did I know, you can’t buy a card with 800 MS Points on yet until I saw that base.com will start selling them from July 19th for £7.99.