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Viking Angry At Apple

Zaxis Games have updated their ‘intense action-survival game’ on the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad called Angry Viking which has brought even more diverse enemies, clean combo killing and heavy metal music. As much as I’d like to say more about the game, you just need to see it for yourself at playangryviking.com if you’re into hack ‘n’ slah type hardcore mature games and if you want to keep up to date with all the latest developments, follow Zaxis on Twitter and Like the Facebook page. Oh yeah, you can also find the game on the iTunes App Store.

Start An Android Mini Army

If you’ve ever secretly wanted your own little army, OrangePixel are giving you that chance with the release of Mini Army for Android phones.

Android Cribbage Set In Concrete

Cribbage is one of those games you normally associate with old people sitting around playing, while that is quite true, it’s something that can be enjoyed by all ages and especially by families.

Bears Get Naughty On the iPhone

You may recall that Naughty Bear was quite recently released on consoles, now 505 Games and Artificial Mind and Movement have announced the release of an iPhone/iPod Touch game featuring everyone’s favourite omni-present and, let’s face it, omni-moody bear. “In the last six months Naughty Bear has captured the imagination of a very wide fanbase and very quickly become an icon within the gaming world and a beacon for the disenfranchised and the disgruntled everywhere,” said Tim Woodley, Head of Global Brand Management, 505 Games. “With the launch of the iPhone version, Naughty Bear fans can finally, and quite literally, take matters into their own hands.”

A Million Downloads Later…

Big Head Games are celebrating the one million download milestone by announcing that Doodle Pool will remain free and more updates will be coming over time. Dave Vout, BHG Director of business affairs says ‘we are so pleased with the reception Doodle Pool has had that we want to show our commitment to it with constant free updates adding new game modes, worldwide multiplayer, new opponents and much more, we want to build a whole new Doodle community. We’re even making Doodle Pool T-Shirts!’ Can you just imagine what people would think if they saw you with a T-Shirt on saying ‘Doodle Pool’?

Do You Have The Balls of a Titan?

Not too sure if this is just late news or the developer forgot to release news about it before, but apparently, Titan Ball is now available on the App Store. Judging by the date on iTunes, it’s been on there for a while, but hey, any excuse to post about balls… right? You basically have to shoot balls into a goal with bonus balls giving you a .. well, bonus, sounds simple, yeah? Maybe so, but how do you think you would do against another human? That’s right, there’s a multiplayer mode for you to go head-to-head with a friend or some random stranger if you’re into that kind of thing.

Your Galaxy’s On Fire, Again!

It was recently announced as going into beta at Gamescom, but now a trailer has been brought to our attention to show off the sequel to the epic outer space adventure starring mercenary Keith T. Maxwell that’s coming to an iPhone or other i-device near you soon. “Thanks to the possibilities in graphics and sound offered by the iPhone, we are now able to produce Galaxy on Fire 2 as cinematically as we have always wanted to,” says Michael Schade, CEO of Fishlabs Entertainment. “We are convinced that Galaxy on Fire 2 will become the new benchmark in terms of sound, graphics, and depth in gameplay for premium games on the iPhone and iPad.”

Are You a Moron?

Yes? No? Well let The Moron Test decide, over 700,000 people have taken the test and that’s just on the Android Market, now it’s available for iOS users to see if their intelligence is above normal or not. “Seeing these results on the Android platform convinced us that a Lite version for the iTunes App Store was essential,” says Berkeley Malagon, president and CEO of DistinctDev. “We’re excited about comparing the performance across the two platforms and sharing the results with the community.”

Ship Some Stars On iPhone

Corbomite Games has released Star Shipping Inc. on the iTunes App Store for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. “Star Shipping is a very unique game,” said Oded Sharon, CEO of Corbomite Games “unlike many available games today in the app store, our game offers the player a mental challenges that doesn’t rely on their ability to hit stuff on the screen, and doesn’t require you to be 100% focus on the game at all times, instead you can play at your own pace, and use your economical planning skills and your intellect to trade various commodities between stars, and climb up the score ladder as you accomplish your goal of becoming the richest space captain in the galaxy. I’m really proud of the high production values that we accomplished in this game, and we’re even working on a full HD version for the iPad which will be released soon.”

It’s An R-Type of Fact Sheet

100% TRUE TO THE ORIGINAL ARCADE CLASSIC! Get back to the ‘80s video-arcade experience! Play the relentlessly challenging side-scroller shoot ‘em up on iPhone & iPod touch for retro-gaming at its best. Key Features ESSENTIAL ‘80S ARCADE GAMEPLAY. NO TOKENS REQUIRED. Why mess with a classic? R-Type for iPhone & iPod touch stays true to its roots, re-capturing the look and feel of one of the biggest arcade game hits from back in the day.