A Million Downloads Later…

Big Head Games are celebrating the one million download milestone by announcing that Doodle Pool will remain free and more updates will be coming over time.

Dave Vout, BHG Director of business affairs says ‘we are so pleased with the reception Doodle Pool has had that we want to show our commitment to it with constant free updates adding new game modes, worldwide multiplayer, new opponents and much more, we want to build a whole new Doodle community. We’re even making Doodle Pool T-Shirts!’

Can you just imagine what people would think if they saw you with a T-Shirt on saying ‘Doodle Pool’?

Take on an eclectic array of opponents including, Hugh Balls, Jonathon Rotten and Pretty Vacant, Bruce ‘The Boss’, The Astro Kid, Jackie Moon, Ben Asslick, Dr Tom Baker and Shirley Batty on your route to overall champion.

  • Doodle Art.
  • Uk 8 ball.
  • US 8 ball.
  • US 9 ball.
  • One player and Two player modes.
  • Play normal Pool rules or one of the alternative game modes:
  • Time Attack mode (fastest to clear the table to enter a Time Attack high score).
  • Shot In The Dark mode (the longer you take the darker the screen gets, shoot late to get bonus points).
  • Overall score system awards points for each ball sunk and match won to enter the overall high score table.
  • OpenFeint Achievements and High Scores.
  • Intuitive and unique control system, touch anywhere, drag back and release (think Angry Birds on a pool table).

Find Doodle Pool on the App Store and get it for FREE!!