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Think Pig With The RSPCA

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Meat. More specifically, pork, bacon, ham and liver, yes liver that comes from that wonderful magical porcine animal which is more commonly known as a pig.
What about it, I hear you say, well, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals would like to see the welfare of these magnificent animals improve so that the quality of life from birth to slaughter is a better standard and what does that mean to the end consumer? A better quality meat on your plate for you to enjoy and in a bid to raise awareness of the Think Pig campaign, the RSPCA has launched a Facebook game.

The info:
Players arrange a herd of ‘word pigs’ to make three to seven letter words, scoring accordingly. To increase interactions further, the game allows players to send a personal pig to Facebook friends once a day. This pig pops up in the ‘word pig’ herd and players can then use the letters in the person’s name to aim for high scores of secret word achievements.
Users gain extra points for answering bonus questions in between each round that bring out the key campaign messages. They can also share the answer on Facebook if they have found the campaign message particularly interesting/powerful.
Scores are given for amassing the longest words, completing all words in a ‘word pig’ herd, the number of herds completed in a session and the most words guessed (by size). These variations allow players to compete in many different ways, adding to the number of interactions between players in this social game. Between herds, players are given the opportunity to double their score with a bonus round asking them pertinent questions relating to pig welfare.
To find out more and to even play the app, go to to play the game and to ‘Like’ the campaign page.