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Blitz The Future On Facebook

The full proper videogame is due for release soon, but Telltale Games would like to give gamers a taste of the action by playing Back to the Future: Blitz Through Time on Facebook. “By aligning a social gaming component with our upcoming launch of Back to the Future: The Game on various platforms, we will utilize the drawing power of social media to maximize the effectiveness of all our efforts with the franchise,” said Steve Allison, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Telltale Games. “This extension to our product launches is a decisive step in our growth strategy to establish closer connections to our consumers. Social gaming is also a great medium for breaking through competitive noise and the confusion of media fragmentation so that we can communicate directly with a focused, pre-qualified consumer.”

Think Pig With The RSPCA

Meat. More specifically, pork, bacon, ham and liver, yes liver that comes from that wonderful magical porcine animal which is more commonly known as a pig. What about it, I hear you say, well, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals would like to see the welfare of these magnificent animals improve so that the quality of life from birth to slaughter is a better standard and what does that mean to the end consumer? A better quality meat on your plate for you to enjoy and in a bid to raise awareness of the Think Pig campaign, the RSPCA has launched a Facebook game.

GOG.com Closes Its Doors

The popular digital download website, GOG.com has closed. No warning or notification that anything was wrong or going to happen, something has apparently gone wrong and they decided to leave this message…

Drop The Bass in Nightclub City

Booyah with Indaba Music and Ableton Live have unveiled the “Drop The Bass” Contest which allows artists to submit their music for a chance to be featured in Booyah’s Nightclub City, where more than seven million players can hear it at any time. The info: Starting today and continuing for four weeks, artists of all genres can use tools provided by Indaba Music to submit their tracks for inclusion in Booyah’s Nightclub City. Once submitted, a panel of Booyah, Indaba and Ableton employees will choose a select number of songs, and Nightclub City players will vote for their top ten favorites tracks. Ten chosen winners will then have a featured set in Nightclub City showcasing their musical creations. Nightclub City has become quite popular on Facebook and musicians have seen a massive increase of ‘Likes’ on their pages which is why those musicians on Indaba Music who use online tools to create music together, make the “Drop the Bass” Contest a popular choice. All the details can be found at http://www.indabamusic.com/featured_programs/show/nightclubcity.

Namco To Open Facebook Portal

Namco Bandai have announced that they will be developing Facebook exclusive content beginning with City of Football and Treasure Abyss which will have beta versions available very soon. The games will be free to play with options to buy in-game content, with iPhone and iPod Touch versions to come, meaning that the Facebook games should be able to be played on the iPhone through the touch version of the site.

MTV Woo Facebook

Stone Creek Entertainment and MTV are bringing what they call a social dating game to Facebook called I Woo You and is also a promotional vehicle for the MTV shows, including “The Real World” and incorporates the likes and dislikes of many of the shows’ characters. “MTV and Facebook are a powerful combination when it comes to reaching the youth market,” said Sharon Wood, CEO of Stone Creek Entertainment. “We know I WOO YOU will be a game that they really enjoy while interacting with their favorite shows, personalities and finding out which of their friends they are really a love match with.”

Dead Get Trapped In New Website

Headup Games has announced the launch of the official website to their upcoming game Trapped Dead – the first tactical zombie survival game! Next to general information on the game, its characters, enemies, storyline, game environment and much more, players will find manifold screenshots, artworks and a community meeting point where they can set up the last communication refuge for the living until the undead arrive. The developers will also show up for answering questions to the players and future contests will be taking place on the site.

Get Sporty On Facebook

Gasworks Games are bringing a series of fantasy sports games to Facebook throughout 2011 with the first of them being Title Town Football. “Title Town Football puts fans in the front office of their own team, where they can improve facilities, sign and manage a roster of real players, and watch their franchise value skyrocket,” said Andy Kaplan, co-founder and CEO of Gasworks Games. “And, of course, players can also enjoy dominating their friends on game day!”

Mafia II Goes Social

Mafia II is being advertised on TV, the demo is available and now Mafia II has gone social with the Mafia II Hit List on Facebook that should be accessable to all and for mainly US citizens, Mafia II Pandora Mix Tape on Pandora that features tracks from artists on the soundtrack. The Info: The world of Mafia II is dark, unforgiving and utterly transporting. It is an immersion into a cinematic Hollywood-style experience that recreates the look and feel of 40’s and 50’s with explosive gunplay and car chases. The immersive narrative centers on Vito, an Italian-American trying to escape the life of a poor immigrant by becoming a Made Man. He plummets headlong into organized crime as he and his friend, Joe, try to make it on the streets. They quickly learn that life as a wiseguy isn’t quite as untouchable as it seems.