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Online Gaming Numbers Spotlighted

CreditScore (yeah, I hadn’t heard of them either) has put together an image that shows figures and percentages of what is played online, such as how many people play the top Facebook games, how much the casual gaming market is worth and how much money is made from games played online. The image is quite big, so check it out after the jump (if you’re reading this on the main page).

Take A Putting Challenge In Business Tycoon

DovoGame has released a pretty small press release giving some info about the putting challenge which is featured in Business Tycoon Online. Grab your putter and head to the green; DovoGame has just announced a new putting challenge to be introduced to Business Tycoon Online. The activity has been organized by the Liberty City Mayor, Mayor Andrew, in celebration of the brand new golf course that has been constructed.

Battle For Facebook Supremecy

Like RPG’s? Ever heard of a Social RPG? Seems like a pretty new concept to me and that’s where Space Empires: Battle for Supremacy comes in. There are too many lame games on Facebook and it’s games like this that make a difference, instead of the usual grind like FarmVille and Café World, this looks like something actually worth playing. “Launching a Facebook game of this magnitude has certainly been a challenge, but I am extremely proud of what we have built,” Said Matt Abrams, CEO of Nvinium Games. “Space Empires: Battle for Supremacy is an experience that can be enjoyed by everyone, from hardcore Space Empires fans and Sci-fi enthusiasts to the casual Facebook user. Bridging the gaps between these types of players has been our biggest goal, and we simply cannot wait to see all types of players embark on this journey together.”

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TY The Tasmanian Joins Facebook

Retro enthusiasts will no doubt remember TY the Tasmanian, well, maybe not quite retro yet as TY appeared on the PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube back in 2002, now he’s due to make a bit of a comeback on Facebook.