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Mafia II Goes Social

Mafia II is being advertised on TV, the demo is available and now Mafia II has gone social with the Mafia II Hit List on Facebook that should be accessable to all and for mainly US citizens, Mafia II Pandora Mix Tape on Pandora that features tracks from artists on the soundtrack.
The Info:
The world of Mafia II is dark, unforgiving and utterly transporting. It is an immersion into a cinematic Hollywood-style experience that recreates the look and feel of 40’s and 50’s with explosive gunplay and car chases. The immersive narrative centers on Vito, an Italian-American trying to escape the life of a poor immigrant by becoming a Made Man. He plummets headlong into organized crime as he and his friend, Joe, try to make it on the streets. They quickly learn that life as a wiseguy isn’t quite as untouchable as it seems.

The Mafia II Hit List application on Facebook offers social media aficionados the ability to be a mob boss and put hits out on their friends. The most destructive mob bosses will get ranked on the Top 5 Hitmen and Top 5 Most Wanted hit lists. To put a hit out on someone, visit
Music lovers everywhere will enjoy the Mafia II Pandora Mix Tape on Pandora, which includes artists from the game soundtrack, such as “Ain’t that a Kick in the Head” by Dean Martin, “Boom Boom” by John Lee Hooker, “Mambo Italiano” by Rosemary Clooney, “It Don’t Mean a Thing” by Duke Ellington, and “Rave On” by Buddy Holly, as well as other music from the period. To listen, visit
Getting made isn’t always easy, but you can party like a Made Man at the Mafia II Community Launch Events. Gamertag Radio and SFX-360 will be hosting Mafia II Community Launch Parties in Chicago, Miami and New York City. Sponsored by 2K, Sony Computer Entertainment America, NVIDIA and Playboy, these events will take place:

  • Saturday, August 21- Chicago (hosted by SFX-360 and co-sponsored by Wizard as their Comic Con Masquerade party, Astro Gaming, Dr. Pepper, Gunnar Optiks, PlayNTrade – 6 Corners, CHI, Gripits, Create A Controller, Calibur11 and Emminentt Photography);
  • Sunday, August 22- Miami (hosted by Gamertag Radio);
  • Saturday, August 28- New York City (hosted by Gamertag Radio).