Ghosts’N Goblins Dashes Onto iPhone

Ghosts’N Goblins is a bit of a classic, wasn’t really that keen on it myself, but was enjoyed by the masses… Now it’s on the iPhone and iPod Touch in the form of Ghosts’N Goblins: Gold Knights II, well, it’s on the App Store anyway.
Game info:
In Ghost’N Goblins: Gold Knights II players, take control of the legendary Arthur or powerful Perceval as you once again battle against the minions of the Ghoul Realm. To survive the deadly descent, you have to make optimum use of your weapons and gear as you encounter ever more deadly foes. Each character offers a different play experience with series protagonist Arthur, armed with six different ranged weapons. New arrival, Perceval, features a mixture of ranged and melee weapons and a powerful new “Dash” attack.
Ghosts’N Goblins: Gold Knights II has been designed to be fun for fans, but accessible to newbies. The game boasts improvements to its interface and control scheme as well as more forgiving gameplay. Players can further customize their Ghosts‘N Goblins experience with downloadable content that unlocks additional modes and powerups.