Humble Sakura Collection

The Humble Sakura Collection is almost at an end, so if you want up to twenty Sakura games at a bargain price, you’d better go buy them now!

There’s just over a day left on the Sakura Collection of which you can choose up to twenty games worth a total of $214 USD (£183 GBP approx) for just £8.

Fox spirits, warrior elites, and dark witches await in this bundle of Winged Cloud titles! Get Sakura Dungeon, Sakura Nova, Sakura Swim Club, Sakura Fox Adventure, and more.
Humble Sakura Collection

Humble Sakura Collection features those NSFW (Not Safe for Work) anime-style games that are fun to play (as long as you’re over 18 years old) and with over 38,000 bundles sold, it’s quite popular.

I’ll list the games below, but if you’re not bothered and want to just go to the bundle, click the image above!

Sakura Spirit – Rising Judo Star Gushiken Takahiro was two weeks away from the match that would make or break his career
Sakura Angels – What does this sorceress want from our protagonist?
Sakura Fantasy – It is the tale of an aspiring female protagonist who wishes to aim to become a knight.
Sakura Beach – Seiji is a daydreamer who spends too much time thinking about space.
Sakura Beach 2 – It’s been a few months since Seiji last visited the beach.
Sakura MMO – Dive into the magical world of Asaph Online in this visual novel

£6.37 or more
Sakura Gamer – When she was a young girl, Nekohime dreamt of being a video game developer.
Sakura Space – Captain Shika has seen all kinds of things in her adventures throughout the universe.
Sakura Sadist – Music student Azusa is completely obsessed with the campus queen, Matsubara Mamiko.
Sakura Cupid – Lilim is a lazy cupid who was exiled from Heaven for failing to do her duties.
Sakura Magical Girls – Taichi’s in a rough spot in his life. In debt and without any other options.
Sakura Shrine Girls – Two cat girls appear before Toru, a skeptical priest in training.
Sakura Agent – Akira is an agent for a secretive organisation who protects the world from threats simply known as incursions.
Sakura MMO 2 – Viola’s story continues in the magical land of Asaph!

£8 or more
Sakura Dungeon – In this story players will assume the role of an ancient fox spirit.
Sakura Nova – Join Mikage, Kaguya, and Arisa as they train together, fight together and come together…
Sakura Swim Club – In Sakura Swim Club, follow the story of Kaede, just your average high school guy.
Sakura Gamer 2 – A year has passed since the events of Sakura Gamer.
Sakura Fox Adventure – Mikoto is a foxgirl who lives deep in the woods, in a settlement full of foxgirls called Yamatai.
Sakura MMO 3 – Sakura MMO #3 is the final part of the Sakura MMO series, which concludes Viola’s adventure.

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