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Crookz Take You on a Heist

Crookz is a brand new tactical strategy game developed by Skilltree Studios and published by Kalypso Media, so stick on the funkiest record you can find and begin a plot to form the elaborate heists that will fuel a whole era of hedonism.

Tropico 5 Gets Release Month

In the second Tropico 5 news for today, Kalypso Media has announced that the game will arrive on the Xbox 360 in November. No specific date yet, just the month. Also, the Xbox 360 version will contain all DLC to date, which is The Big Cheese.

No Thai Service for Tropico 5

Games get banned in countries all the time, usually Germany who are still quite sensitive to certain things. This time, it’s about Tropico 5 which apparently has content considered inappropriate for the current situation in Thailand.

Tropico 5 Multiplayer Anncounced

One of the things about the Tropico franchise is how there hasn’t been any kind of multiplayer, but that’s because it’s never really needed it. Tropico 5 is the first to get multiplayer and a trailer has been released to show you.

Kalypso Media Goes Mobile

Sounds strange when you say a company has gone mobile instead of a game, but that’s what’s happened. Kind of. Kalypso Media has created Kalypso Media Mobile which, as the name suggests, will focus mainly on mobile platforms.

Tropico 5 Gets Global Release Date

It won’t be long until you’ll be sitting on the island of Tropico as El Presidente as Kalypso Media have announced the release date for Tropico 5. The PC version launches globally on the same day, with console and Mac versions arriving later.

Dictator of the Caribbean

Kalypso has released another teaser trailer for Tropico 5 which takes the style of Pirates of the Caribbean. It goes back to the time when El Presidente first reached Tropico and was greeted by the colonial British who had previously landed there.

First Tropico 5 Gameplay Trailer

The Tropico franchise is rather popular, so popular that Kalypso have decided it needs a fifth outing. So, along with some information, prepare yourselves for over forty screenshots and the first gameplay trailer.

Tropico 5 Beta Needs YOU!

I have to admit to being rather an avid Tropico fan, I have all four of them so far and I’ll probably end up getting the fifth one in time. That’s why I got a little excited when getting information about a Tropico 5 beta starting very soon.

Kalypso Unveil Tropico 5 Trailer & Facts

Penultimo, the greatest communicator of all time, is pleased to announce that the votes have been counted and verified and we are proud to confirm that the glorious El Presidente will return for a fifth term in power on the island paradise of Tropico!