Kalypso Media Goes Mobile

Sounds strange when you say a company has gone mobile instead of a game, but that’s what’s happened. Kind of. Kalypso Media has created Kalypso Media Mobile which, as the name suggests, will focus mainly on mobile platforms.

Simon Hellwig

“Kalypso has a lot of great IP, such as Tropico, Dungeons and Port Royale, within its portfolio and it is really about time to follow the trends of cross-platform-entertainment and cloud-gaming. Strategy and simulation games are especially under represented – specifically within the premium-price-segment –at the moment. This is a fast growing market and we think, as a part of our product diversification strategy, our games and brands deserve to become playable anywhere, any time“ commented Simon Hellwig, Global Managing Director of Kalypso.

The new company, based in Berlin already has three games scheduled for release this year, so it’s not like they’ve just suddenly decided to jump into the market with both feet and nothing to show for it.

The first product will be announced very soon and Stefan Marcinek, Global Managing Director added: “We are of course looking to port and/or re-design our own IP for mobile platforms such as tablets and smartphones, but we will also release new and innovative games and concepts that fit perfectly on these devices. In the beginning, we will of focus on paid content but we are also looking into the Free-to-Play model as this will also play an important role in our growth strategy“.

If you want to find out more information about Kalypso Media, visit the official website.