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Should Filesize Affect Price?

A discussion you can often find around gaming websites and forums is whether the size of a game should affect the cost, not downloadable content, although, that will be covered (and sort of has before), but the full price, full base game.

Why You Should Ditch Xbox Live for PS Plus

Yes, it’s one of those posts, you don’t have to read it, but I would appreciate it if you would at least skim through it. This isn’t because someone else posted an article like this just recently, it was something planned when the latest Instant Game Collection was announced, similar views are purely coincidental.

Microtransactions, A Necessary Evil?

It’s an ongoing debate and quite a few websites are or have done an article about it, especially now that Dead Space 3 will apparently have ‘microtransactions’, are they really that bad or do you consider them the work of Satan?

Nvidia Go Android with Project Shield

Nvidia or nVidia (is there really any other proper way to spell it?) has been a major player in the gaming industry for years, their GeForce graphics cards are the nemesis to ATi’s Radeon, so they know a thing or two about technology.

OnLive Going Offline? No, It Isn't

A recent spark on Twitter has become a aflame at the news of OnLive firing all of its staff, the reason is yet to be known, but the OnLive Twitter account seems to be oblivious at what’s going on.

Shag A Gamer? Maybe, If You Look Hard Enough

Back in March this year (2012), a website called Date-A-Gamer gained the internet’s attention due to the founder, Tom Thurlow propositioning a merger with the high street videogame retailer, GAME who were entering into administration at the time.

Ultimate Dragonborn Comes

Stop being rude over there, yes you, snickering like it has some alternative meaning, a double entendre if you will. No, this is quite possibly the best non-professional video of gaming music done right, where no man should go on living without hearing this at some point in life.

Microsoft Pushing Media Apps

I saw a bit of a silly comment today saying that according to Microsoft, when people have finished playing games, they like to watch something, whether it be a video or stream something via an app and I thought, yeah, because you make these apps like Crackle available for free, of course people will watch stuff through them.

Is a Xbox Lite Necessary?

The rumour-mill overloaded recently when ‘MS Nerd’ supposedly leaked information about a new Xbox console from Microsoft that isn’t going to be the next main console, but a Lite version which will be like a kind of precursor to the Xbox 720 or whatever it will be called.

Xbox Logo

Does the Next Xbox Need a Disc Drive?

Rumours around the internet today are about (again) the next console to come from Microsoft could be built without anywhere to put discs into it, many factors rely on the console not having a disc drive and begs the question, do we want or need  Microsoft to go digital only?