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Niko Bellic in Grand Theft Auto V?

It’s either speculation or something that the public haven’t been privy to such information, but according to IMDB.com, not only is Carl ‘C.J.’ Johnson rumoured to appear (stands to reason since it’s set in/near San Andreas), Niko Bellic shows up in the cast.

The Cost of DLC

As a kind of follow-up to What Price Determines a Quality Game?, I saw that someone had linked to a Gamespot article about the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops downloadable content (DLC), while mentioning how much all the DLC has cost so far.

What Price Determines a Quality Game?

So, it seems the latest buzz is that Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is to cost £10.99 ($15.99 USD) on the iTunes App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch which has prompted quite a few cheers from the gaming community as they see it as a worthwhile price, justified by a quality game.

Trophies or Achievements?

This isn’t a PlayStation 3 versus Xbox 360 war post, it’s a question for gamers and if you’re a gamer, you don’t care what system you play on and just enjoy gaming. This is more to do with something I’ve had in my head for some time now and due to the relatively good success of the What Consists a ‘Limited Edition’ article, I figured I’d go with another off the top of my head feature.

What Consists a 'Limited Edition'?

Is that title viable? I saw an announcement on Twitter that The Sims 3: Pets is now available to pre-order from Play.com and that it’s a Limited Edition, so I took a look to see that the only thing that makes it ‘limited’ is it comes with one downloadable extra.

The Wii U Won't Play DVDs or Blu-rays, Anyone Care?

A lot of the internet is reporting that Iwata has said that the Nintendo Wii U will not play DVD or Blu-ray disks, but is it really that important whether it will or not? A reason for the Wii U not supporting Blu-ray should be blatantly obvious, just for the record and for those a little slow off the mark, it would mean Nintendo having to pay Sony monies to be able to use Blu-ray technology and yeah, an extremely slim chance of that ever happening, why do you think Microsoft attempted to unleash the rival format HD-DVD?

The Redner Group Loses Biggest Client

When PR’s Attack! I reckon I’ve been a victim of scoring a game too low to be shunned by a company or two before now, but they’ve done it without saying a thing, not that they need to give you a reason, but at least they didn’t go on a rant and threaten to cut off supplies to people who scored a game too low for reasons they (the PR company) didn’t like. That’s where The Redner Group or at least, Jim Redner severely lacked the supposed expertise as advertised on the website by having a go at reviewers who scored Duke Nukem Forever lower than he would have liked, probably thinking that he was acting in good faith on behalf of 2K Games, but instead, it backfired and got dumped.

There.com, A Possible Comeback?

Yeah I know, this is technically PC news although, it’s more internet than PC, but I digress. When I finally started playing The Sims Online, it had become EA Land which didn’t really make any sense as it was was still The Sims Online and although I could have probably worked on Lots to make a bit of cash, I played for a few months before registering as a subscriber. Two months after I did, they announced that EA Land was closing, so where could I go next?

And The GAME BAFTA Nominations are…

It’s the videogame BAFTA awards coming up and the nominations are in with the shortlist being Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, BLOPS, Mass Effect 2, LIMBO and Super Mario Galaxy 2, that’s just a handful out of the 44 games looking to win. GAME.co.uk are bringing yet another nailbiting event that will see not only the aforementioned games winning something, but games such as Kinectimals, Fallout New Vegas and even the mobile game Cut the Rope is in there, so, for the full list, read on…

Birds Get Angry in Rio

Who’d have thunk it?! One of the most popular mobile games of all time is to hit the big screen thanks to 20th Century Fox. “Angry Birds Rio is a match made in heaven for a mobile application and a major motion picture, and this collaboration with Fox is definitely one the most exciting partnerships we have entered into with the Angry Birds brand to date,” said Mr. Hed.  “In addition to expanding the horizons of two fantastic entertainment brands and creating a great new gaming experience, we have also taken the concept of combining a mobile application and motion picture promotion to an entirely new level.”