What Consists a 'Limited Edition'?

Is that title viable? I saw an announcement on Twitter that The Sims 3: Pets is now available to pre-order from Play.com and that it’s a Limited Edition, so I took a look to see that the only thing that makes it ‘limited’ is it comes with one downloadable extra.

ONE bonus extra and it’s in the form of a downloadable item, nothing physical that you can actually touch and hold in your hands, just one downloadable piece of digital content which will most likely be available on the Sims Exchange, which makes it just a thrown in freebie and not particularly that exclusive after all.
I said on Twitter, and even directly to @TheSims3 and @EAStore (as it still was back then), that I couldn’t justify paying £29.99 for an expansion. Not only did this lead to @TheSims3 unfollowing me (like I care), but it made me wonder how they can charge full game price for just content. Anyway, that’s not what this is about, although, the cost of expansions are quite costly, what content should developers include to ensure the expansion is worthwhile at full price?
Skyrim CE
While I support the publishers and developers by buying expansions and downloadable content, is it wrong of me to not want to pay what I consider an extortionate price for such little extra content? I also don’t think it’s fair to add a bonus item just for the sake of exclusivity of a retailer, even now at the time of posting, amazon.co.uk have dropped the price of The Sims 3: Pets in order to gain custom from people who aren’t bothered about non-physical bonus content.
THQ did it right with MTX vs ATV Alive in that they sold the game at a reasonable price and offered quite a substantial amount of DLC on release and that’s a full game, not an expansion or limited edition which raises another question, is it fair for developers to release DLC on the launch day of a game or would it have been fair to call it bonus content in a limited edition and charge extra?!
So, the main question is, does a small download warrant a ‘Limited Edition’ label?

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  1. solamon77 says:

    The whole limited edition thing is often just used to convince people to preorder instead of waiting to buy at launch or worse yet, sometime down the line.