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Blinged Up Zelda Wii

Not sure if you’ve seen it before, it’s some years old now, but was recently posted somewhere and instantly grabbed my attention. Are you a big Zelda fan and an even bigger Nintendo Wii fan?

Tune In To Kirby TV

If you need a reason to turn on your Wii, this will keep you amused for five minutes and possibly longer if you’re a fan of Kirby since he(?) has a TV show and the dedicated Wii Channel will allow you to watch them. Every Monday and Thursday, a new episode will be released for you to watch, then get archived after two weeks to make room for the new ones, so the jist is, make sure you watch them when they’re available or you’ll miss out.

Rock On with Warriors of Rock

If you’re worried that, just because they’ve declared Guitar Hero as dead, there won’t be anymore content? Well, fret not (hahaha) as yet more songs are available in the Modern Rock Mega Pack. It appears to be some kind of last hope to keep it alive that bit longer since the songs aren’t particularly well known, except maybe three of them from Muse, Puddle of Mudd (would have liked to have seen more PoM) and QotSA, with Snow Patrol as an outsider.

FlatOut Wii Carbashing

Hmm, not sure what the purpose of the carbashing part of FlatOut on the Wii is except kids can go crazy swinging the Wiimote around to smack the crap out of cars.

The Video Game Awards 2010 Results

The results of the Spike Video Game Awards 2010 are: GAME OF THE YEAR Winner: Red Dead Redemption (Rockstar Games / Rockstar San Diego) Losers: Call of Duty: Black Ops, God of War III, Halo: Reach, Mass Effect 2 STUDIO OF THE YEAR Winner: BioWare Losers: Blizzard Entertainment, Bungie Studios, Rockstar San Diego BEST XBOX 360 GAME Winner: Mass Effect 2 (Electronic Arts / BioWare) Losers: Alan Wake, Fable III, Halo: Reach BEST PS3 GAME Winner: God of War III (Sony Computer Entertainment / SCE Studios Santa Monica) Losers: Heavy Rain, ModNation Racers, Red Dead Redemption BEST Wii GAME Winner: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Nintendo / Nintendo) Losers: Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Metroid: Other M

Need for Speed Nitro Boosts Onto DSiWare

WiiWare – Flowerworks: Follie’s Adventure (Nocturnal, 500 Wii Points) An enhanced version of the ‘Flowerworks’, Flowerworks: Follie’s Adventure is a meaty adventure game offering both single and two-player co-operative play and all new features such as, new Beginner & Mastery difficulty levels, in-game support for four languages (English, French, Spanish & German) and many more surprises.