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EA Close Servers for 50 Games

You may have already seen the news that EA are closing the servers for 50 games, but when you look at the list, you’ll wonder why they were still available. With the demise of GameSpy, they must also go down with it.

EA Eliminate Online Passes

In order to play or access anything online with games like Madden and FIFA, you had to have an online pass which was usually included when you bought the game, but if you traded it in, the person who bought the pre-owned game would have to buy another pass.

EA Offer SimCity Sufferers Penance

Were you one of the poor gamers who suffered at the hands of the evil EA when you first bought SimCity, thinking you could download and pay the game straight away? Good news! You can claim a free game!

The Simpsons Tapped Out On Android

It’s finally here, The Simpsons Tapped Out is now available on Android, only, it’s not quite the version iOS gamers have been enjoying for almost a year, no Origin means no cross-platform play and no neighbours suggests it’s basically single-player only.

Microtransactions, A Necessary Evil?

It’s an ongoing debate and quite a few websites are or have done an article about it, especially now that Dead Space 3 will apparently have ‘microtransactions’, are they really that bad or do you consider them the work of Satan?