EA Eliminate Online Passes

In order to play or access anything online with games like Madden and FIFA, you had to have an online pass which was usually included when you bought the game, but if you traded it in, the person who bought the pre-owned game would have to buy another pass.

Thankfully, Electronic Arts have actually listened to gamers and decided to eradicate the Online Pass for ever. Well, they’re in the process of eliminating it and for games that can’t be patched, the Pass will be offered for free, so, why are they doing this?

We listened to the feedback from players, and decided to do away with Online Pass. We hope that eliminating Online Pass will allow more people to play and enjoy EA games for a long time to come.

I know, right? They finally listened to what gamers want instead of ignoring the feedback and telling gamers what they want, the shock is still rippling through the universe.
If you’d like to see the information straight from the horse’s mouth it’s on the internet!