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Brothers Kick Off Xbox Live Summer of Arcade

For some reason, Microsoft think it’s a good idea to release some games gradually over the summer, so that they have an excuse for an event called the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade and this years first game is Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons.

Jet Set Radio Screen Overload

Have you played Jet Set Radio on Xbox LIVE Arcade yet? No? For those of use that haven’t, here are a whole load of screenshots for you to see and for any of you that have the original Dreamcast version, how does it compare?

FortressCraft Welcomes Zombies

Minecraft has Creepers, those annoying green things that come after you and explode, taking out everything in quite a large radius, the guys behind FortressCraft have gone in another direction and added Zombies in Content Patch 9.

Xbox Live Content Till May 16th

Looking for something to buy on Xbox Live over the next couple of weeks? Fable Heroes and Minecraft are released in this first half of the month, a bunch of SSX DLC and this week sees Battlefield Karkland on offer for 600 MSP, that’s 50% off!

Go Wreck Your Xbox

Judging by the fact that a trailer has been made available, it seems Wreckateer is featured in this weeks Xbox Live Arcade Spring Showcase title from Iron Galaxy and will most likely be available to buy/download tomorrow.

Black Friday Xbox Live Deals

Major Nelson has given details of the Black Friday Deals you can find on Xbox Live today, there aren’t many due to the Fan Appreciation Sale that’s still going on, but there might be something to spark your interest.