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Watch Shaun the Sheep on 3DS

Nintendo are offering you a deal this week, not just on games, but for Shaun the Sheep videos on the 3DS. You can either buy three collections of five episodes at £2.69 each or all 15 episodes for £6.29, a saving of £1.78.

Super Luigi U Hits Nintendo Downloads

There’s plenty to choose from this week with Nintendo’s offerings, the main attraction being add-on content for New Super Mario Bros., New Super Luigi U. There are also a couple of special offers that my be of interest to some people.

Be Ripped Off with Tetris, Again

This weeks Nintendo downloads include Tetris for the 3DS, you would think that such an old game wouldn’t cost much, but no, to squeeze as much money as possible out the game, it costs £8.99.

RE Revelations Wii U Demo Available

If you’d like to see what Resident Evil: Revelations will look and play like on the Wii U, you may want to check the eShop as there is a demo available for you to try out, as well as some special offers this week.

Nintendo Goes Indie

This weekend, iDÉAME is happening, but what’s that?! It’s where indie developers get together and show off their games while having discussions and giving and receiving support, to celebrate this, the Nintendo eShop is having a sale.

Go On a Retro Rampage with Pac-Man!

The classic Pac-Man is coming to the 3DS this week, but it’s the NES version via Virtual Console and costs £4.49, but for more recent retro-style gaming, Retro City Rampage will cost you 1000 Wii Points from the Wii Shop to play on the Wii.

Nintendo Go Oriental

Yeah yeah, Nintendo is a Japanese company, what I’m referring to is Tokyo Crash Mobs and Mahjong Mysteries (Mahjong is Chinese y’see) which are being offered for purchase on the 3DS via the eShop.

Nintendo eShop Takes on Super Pokémon

Let’s get ready… For Super Pokémon Rumble! I almost said the other thing, but I might get sued for copyright infringement or something. ANYWAY, as well as the full game I just mentioned being available on the Nintendo eShop this week, what else is there?