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Borderlands 2 Ships Over Five Million

It seems the promise of a bazillion weapons tempted over five million Borderlands 2 fans to part with their money and because there are still three more add-on campaigns yet to be released, the action doesn’t end there.

Pirates Invade Borderlands 2

Yarr! Who’d’ve thunk that pirates woulda been included in a Borderlands game! Not sure why they thought a British woman would fit the part, Scarlett would probably be better being French or something.

Borderlands 2 Launch Trailer Launched

In more Borderlands 2 news, 2K Games have released the launch trailer because, well, the game is released this week. Tomorrow (Sept 18th) for the US as usual since they like to release games on Tuesdays and Friday, 21st for us UK gamers.

Win Borderlands 2, You Psycho!

How would you like to win a copy of Borderlands 2? Of course you would, but how far are you willing to go? This isn’t for those of you who think you’re a bit nuts or slightly crazy, if your psycho level is rated bungee jump or higher, you stand a very good chance.