Microtransactions, A Necessary Evil?

It’s an ongoing debate and quite a few websites are or have done an article about it, especially now that Dead Space 3 will apparently have ‘microtransactions’, are they really that bad or do you consider them the work of Satan?

Many people don’t believe they should exist, you’re paying enough for the game, why should we pay out more just for sake of a few weapons or new armour? The same can be said about mobile apps where some claim to be free, but in order to play the full game, you need to ‘unlock’ it by paying with real money.
It’s not so bad when extra content arrives in the form of an add-on or expansion, the problem is when you’re expected to pay for what you can unlock by playing through the game naturally. They’re usually known as short cuts which cost several pounds and enable you to cheat your way into having all the good stuff from the start, but in all fairness, you’re only cheating yourself.
Having the entire array of weapons, vehicles, armour, dildo collection or rabid aardvarks at your disposal the second you boot up the game is going to suck all the fun out of obtaining them legitimately as you play and progress in the normal, typical fashion. Some people can’t help it though, reeled in hook, line and stinker by the corporate shaftsmen who come up with the idea of charging extra for content that is already on the disk.
It’s no secret that developers lock away content of which they call an add-on some point after the game has been released and you think, ‘why is the download only a matter of kilobytes?’, that’s because it’s just  to unlock what you already have, but kept sneakily away until that little code has relinquished it.
Microtransactions will continue to be a bane on the gaming society, whether to choose to ignore them and play the games in the traditional way is a choice we all have, there’s no need to pay extra money if you don’t want to, you should get everything included on the disk without being offered the chance to stuff their coffers even more.