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Shag A Gamer? Maybe, If You Look Hard Enough

Shag-A-Gamer is from the same people who brought you Date-A-Gamer back in March this year (2012), which gained the internet’s attention due to the founder, Tom Thurlow propositioning a merger with the high street videogame retailer, GAME who were entering into administration at the time.

Another venture is now taking place, but for adult gamers who aren’t bothered about the dating process and just want to know if they’re shaggable or not.

Shag-A-Gamer JessicaShag-A-Gamer (I’m not linking it, you’ll understand why as you read on) wants to take out the social part of meeting someone to find out whether you’re compatible or not and go straight in for the shagability factor.

I have to admit to not really seeing the point of dating sites, what’s wrong with actually going outside and meeting real people face-to-face? That’s how I met my wife, but that was back in 1995 when the internet was still in its infancy and dating websites hadn’t really been heard of.

I was (and still am) a gamer and although she likes gaming, she’s not a ‘gamer’ and it shouldn’t matter. Anyway, the website wants “horny geeks” to get together and, “do what comes naturally”, but at a price of £19.99… a month.

Apparently, the nerds (yes, nerds, not geeks. Geeks are actually socially outgoing…) were using the dating site to get together purely for sex and that’s what Shag-A-Gamer wants to cash in on.

By paying £19.99 every month, you can ‘shag’ as many gamers as want to also shag you, like it’s some kind of rental service that allows you to ‘play’ as many shaggers as you want for a fixed monthly price.

As long as you practice safe sex, then I suppose it’s not that much of a problem, but just think of the logistics. You have to come up with £19.99 each month (there are other options which work out cheaper), then there are travel expenses, regardless of whether you drive or not.

If money isn’t an issue, go for it and see just how much action you can get, but the next thing I say may come as a little surprise and not what you would expect to see published, so to speak.

Are you ready for a shock?

It’s … just a dating site.

None of the women (of the profiles I viewed with a false registration) appeared to want to “shag a gamer”, in fact, they just wanted anything they could get their hands on (oo-er).

There were a few who were specific in what they’re looking for and one even stated that they don’t want to sleep around and instead, were looking to possibly start a relationship. Wouldn’t that be classed as looking for dates and not shags?

Here are a couple of examples of profile info:

Kat, 23
hi im kat a single mum from salford i like 2 party socielise & spend time with friends & family. im an outgoing bubbley person i like swimming good food & drink.

im not on here for fun! im after long term i have a little girl she means the world 2 me. 🙂 im after a loyal guy with a good sense of humour he must like kids i want someone 2 take me as a pakage.

i like all sorts of music if u wanna know anythin else just ask? 🙂 im not on here for sexual encounters or one night stands im after long term relationship. think im on the wrong site? lol :-/ i dont give out my number!! sorry get 2 know me first lol! im not interested if u live miles away!! sorry your loss hahahhaa 😉

June, 57
Hi my name is junie, I have been on here for a while. Have been a widow for 5 years. I am looking for a relationship, friendship first, then if we click a sexual one. I am not on here just for sex!!

I love to laugh and have a fun time, love to be wine and dine, theatre, quiet drinks. love to find someone to have hoildays with again. love abroad. So if maybe you fit that bill, give me a mail.

Lots more things I love, I love life, and its to short, so just live and enjoy!!! xx Junie

There is no emphasis on any member being a gamer, what you see when you visit the website is just a front, don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll be greeted by cute nubile young babes that like to Frag and Shag (©MGaceman 2012), but rather women of all ages and I mean ALL ages that are looking for more excitement in their lives.

Shag-A-Gamer Site Shot

Regular readers of my words will know how I have cynical tendencies, this time, there’s nothing cynical, sceptical, but not so cynical. So yes, Shag-A-Gamer has caused a few guffaws on the internet today, what the important thing to learn here is, don’t be fooled into signing up for this rubbish unless you’re in pursuit of adult extra-curricular activities.

If the truth is known, they’re just harvesting email addresses to sell to spammers and the next thing you know, all that Viagra spam you thought you had under control will be flooding right back into your box.

Suspicions that it could be an email address harvester is the fact you don’t have to use a real address to register and therefore (as far as I know), there is no verification/confirmation process, despite claims of, “a number of mechanisms designed to keep members as safe as possible”.

Let’s hope it’s not and I’m wrong, but since it’s just a thinly veiled explicit adult dating website which has hardly anything to do with geeks, gamers, geeky gamers or whatever, there is reason for dubiousness.

What other domain names point to the xxxx-a-gamer server? Maybe none and they just use the same database. After all that, I have a little tip for you; if you want to meet like-minded people of the opposite sex (or same-sex, there is no judgement here), go out to places where you’re likely to find them since the only people who will get to shag geeky gamers on Shag-A-Gamer are the ones that are like you and accept you.