GAME Offered a Date

As everyone knows, GAME is in trouble and needs major investment if its to stay alive, but are they desparate enough to partner up with a dating website which wants to turn the GAME stores into a place where you don’t only pick up games, but also pick up a date.

Date A Gamer GirlSounds cheesy, right?
Date a Gamer founder and UK entrepreneur Tom Thurlow says,

“We are always looking for innovative new ways to reach out to single gamers and I expect that this is the same with Game, especially given the company’s current financial issues.
By setting up ‘dating zones’ in-store, Game will offer something its online rivals cannot hope to copy and drive thousands of potential new customers through its doors.
Given the choice I reckon many gamers would love the opportunity to socialise in a video game store.”

With GAME needing at least £100m to help pay off the rent and suppliers, is there enough revenue generated from such a niche dating site? I have to admit that I fail to see how it would work, but Tom Thurlow seems to be overly optimistic about the venture.

“The Date a Gamer website was only set up because there is a clear demand among single gamers for such a service and we are now offering Game a fantastic opportunity to partner with us and tap into that huge market.
To me it’s a no-brainer. Business partnerships like the one we are proposing aren’t that uncommon: Waterstones and Costa Coffee are a good example.”

What do you think? Are you so socially inept that you need a dating service to get a date? Or do you think it’s a good idea to bring a dating service into GAME stores? Can you imagine the specimens all crowded around the corner, sneaking a peek at the opposition and wondering why it’s such a sausage-fest?
If you would like to see what’s on offer, visit

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