GOG.com Closes Its Doors

The popular digital download website, GOG.com has closed.
No warning or notification that anything was wrong or going to happen, something has apparently gone wrong and they decided to leave this message…
GOGSo, you’re probably asking what do you do now, how do you download all those games you bought, well as it says in the last sentance, they will announce something on Twitter and/or Facebook.
There are some conspiracy theories going around already that it could be coming out of beta or, as a self-confessed twitter stalker on the Rock, Paper, Shotgun forums said,

One Richard Cobbet tweeted saying basically “what the hell? GOG closed down”
He then tweeted words to the effect of “it’s got to be a hack right?”
He then deleted this second tweet.
Rich McCormick (of PC Gamer) then tweeted in reply to Richard’s first tweet “wait a week”.
Rich M then deleted this tweet.
Then Richard C then deleted his other GOG tweet.

Could it really be a publicity stunt? Why would they piss off thousands of customers this way?
There’s a chance that Good Old Games could return in a bigger and better form, there’s also the chance that they may never return and disappear into the annuls of the internet, only time will tell.
AdrianWerner of the GameSpot forums claims,

It’s a marketing stunt before CD Projekt’s conference on 22nd. A bizzare and tastleless one, but not any reason to worry. They will be annoucing new systems, GoG will most likely go out of beta and there might be some changes.
Optimus (CDP’s owner) is having huge financial troubles and there are rumors about new investor which will buy it. GoG is actualy one of few avenues that does bring constant profit to CDP,

Whether that is true or not, I guess we’ll have to wait until the 22nd.

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