Namco To Open Facebook Portal

Namco Bandai have announced that they will be developing Facebook exclusive content beginning with City of Football and Treasure Abyss which will have beta versions available very soon.
The games will be free to play with options to buy in-game content, with iPhone and iPod Touch versions to come, meaning that the Facebook games should be able to be played on the iPhone through the touch version of the site.More info:
“City of Football”
“City of Football” is a fantasy game about football team management that uses constantly updated actual official game data of “English Premier League”, “Italian Serie A”, “Liga Espanola”, and “UEFA Champions League”. Game players assume the part of team owners in an imaginary world where teams and athletes can be acquired and released on a stock market-like system. Game players must administer their teams and players to enhance the value of their teams.
“Treasure Abyss”
“Treasure Abyss” is a social role-playing game for exploring dungeons in a group with the avatar data of your friends.
New character jobs, dungeons, weapons, and other additional contents will be regularly released. because we can update it constantly after launch, This title has been developed for players to play easily in a long time
Portal Fan Page
The portal page will put the latest news together from each fan pages maintained by NAMCO BANDAI group companies in Japan and overseas. It will feature the latest news on consumer games, mobile contents, information about game apps available on Facebook, and so forth.