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Drop The Bass in Nightclub City

Booyah with Indaba Music and Ableton Live have unveiled the “Drop The Bass” Contest which allows artists to submit their music for a chance to be featured in Booyah’s Nightclub City, where more than seven million players can hear it at any time.
The info:
Starting today and continuing for four weeks, artists of all genres can use tools provided by Indaba Music to submit their tracks for inclusion in Booyah’s Nightclub City. Once submitted, a panel of Booyah, Indaba and Ableton employees will choose a select number of songs, and Nightclub City players will vote for their top ten favorites tracks. Ten chosen winners will then have a featured set in Nightclub City showcasing their musical creations.
Nightclub City has become quite popular on Facebook and musicians have seen a massive increase of ‘Likes’ on their pages which is why those musicians on Indaba Music who use online tools to create music together, make the “Drop the Bass” Contest a popular choice.
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