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Drop The Bass in Nightclub City

Booyah with Indaba Music and Ableton Live have unveiled the “Drop The Bass” Contest which allows artists to submit their music for a chance to be featured in Booyah’s Nightclub City, where more than seven million players can hear it at any time. The info: Starting today and continuing for four weeks, artists of all genres can use tools provided by Indaba Music to submit their tracks for inclusion in Booyah’s Nightclub City. Once submitted, a panel of Booyah, Indaba and Ableton employees will choose a select number of songs, and Nightclub City players will vote for their top ten favorites tracks. Ten chosen winners will then have a featured set in Nightclub City showcasing their musical creations. Nightclub City has become quite popular on Facebook and musicians have seen a massive increase of ‘Likes’ on their pages which is why those musicians on Indaba Music who use online tools to create music together, make the “Drop the Bass” Contest a popular choice. All the details can be found at http://www.indabamusic.com/featured_programs/show/nightclubcity.

Check In With MyTown

Booyah created an app called MyTown which, in a kind of way, is like Foursquare that you check in at locations and score points, now they have announced that it’s available for Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. “Booyah is the premier mobile and social gaming company on top of the exploding location graph,” said Keith Lee, CEO, Booyah. “Our launches in the UK, Australia and Canada are just the beginning of bringing real world gaming to players across the globe.”

Open up a nightclub on Facebook

Like to be social on Facebook? Invite your friends and family to your very own nightclub in which you can spin tunes of whichever artist and genre you’re into… which may not be a good idea, but hey, it’s your club, right?! “Nightclub City has proven to be an amazing tool for me to uniquely engage with my fans. I’ve received tens of thousands of new Facebook fans that now connect with me and my music,” said Miri Ben-Ari aka The Hip-Hop Violinist, Grammy Award Winner. So, if someone like that can get something out of it, you never know what kind of requests you’ll get and if you’re a budding artist wanting to get your own style out there, this could be the perfect opportunity to get noticed by… someone… possibly.