Open up a nightclub on Facebook

Like to be social on Facebook? Invite your friends and family to your very own nightclub in which you can spin tunes of whichever artist and genre you’re into… which may not be a good idea, but hey, it’s your club, right?!

“Nightclub City has proven to be an amazing tool for me to uniquely engage with my fans. I’ve received tens of thousands of new Facebook fans that now connect with me and my music,” said Miri Ben-Ari aka The Hip-Hop Violinist, Grammy Award Winner.

So, if someone like that can get something out of it, you never know what kind of requests you’ll get and if you’re a budding artist wanting to get your own style out there, this could be the perfect opportunity to get noticed by… someone… possibly.Game info:
In Booyah’s Nightclub City, players are placed in charge of a modest bar, armed with a wide selection of real-life music tracks and the dream of being the most popular hotspot in town. Players listen to killer music sets powered by real-life artists, ranging from rock to hip hop to electro mixes, as they run their personal club. Each user can also customize the look of their nightclub with decorative items with the ability to hire real-life Facebook friends as bartenders and bouncers as they spin the night away with the latest songs from new artists and bands across the world.

“Booyah’s mission is to be the singular destination for real-world entertainment. It’s absolutely critical to have a strong presence on both mobile and social web platforms as they will they will converge in the near future,” said Keith Lee, CEO, Booyah. “With the success of MyTown for the iPhone and iPod touch, we wanted to expand our product offerings for the community of players across the most relevant platforms such as Facebook, leading us to create Nightclub City.”

To gather people to get down on your dance floor, add the app at