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Check In With MyTown

Booyah created an app called MyTown which, in a kind of way, is like Foursquare that you check in at locations and score points, now they have announced that it’s available for Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

“Booyah is the premier mobile and social gaming company on top of the exploding location graph,”

said Keith Lee, CEO, Booyah.

“Our launches in the UK, Australia and Canada are just the beginning of bringing real world gaming to players across the globe.”

More info:
MyTown’s location data is provided by the Places Web Service, a feature of the Google Maps API which returns the 20 most popular places near a given location. Blending location-based services and social gaming features, Booyah’s MyTown is the first and largest consumer channel to utilize the Places Web Service.
Currently more than 2.8 million users in the United States are actively buying properties, collecting rent and checking-in to real places in MyTown. Last week, Booyah introduced the product check-in, allowing players to scan barcodes of real-world products to unlock points and earn exclusive virtual items, creating real-life scavenger hunts, brand discovery and engagement.
The latest version can be downlaoded from the .