Kaka Covers FIFA 11

EA has announced that Kaka is to feature on the cover of FIFA 11 along with Wayne Rooney for the UK version and with other local stars in other countries on territory specific packaging.

“I’ve always been a fan of EA SPORTS and especially the FIFA series,”

said Kaka.

“Being on the FIFA 11 cover is a great honor for me since very few players have this opportunity, and there have been some great footballers featured on the cover of this truly amazing football game.”

Some info:
Building on FIFA 10 gameplay that won 50 sports game of the year awards, FIFA 11 reinvents player authenticity – on and off the ball – for every position on the pitch with Personality+, and introduces new Pro Passing where pass accuracy is determined by a gamer’s ability on the control pad, and player skill, situation and urgency on the pitch. Plus, experience true freedom in man-to-man interactions with 360° Fight for Possession that transforms physical play from just lateral jostling to full 360° collisions.

“Kaka brings passion, imagination and individual flair to the game every time on the pitch,”

said Matt Bilbey, Vice President of Football, EA SPORTS.

“He perfectly illustrates a new feature in FIFA 11 called Personality+ that sees a player’s individual ability reflected in game, enabling clear differentiation for every player. With Kaka’s visionary style of football he’s always one step ahead of the opposition, moving into space with an often subtle change of pace and delivering crisp, creative one-touch passes and catching the goalkeepers off guard with strikes often from distance on either foot. His play is unlike any other player in our game and you will feel individual differences like this in each player, in every match.”

FIFA 11 art
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