We See We Sing Robbie

As previously mentioned, pretty much all of Robbies hits from his albums are to be featured in We Sing Robbie Williams, but until now, we haven’t seen what the game will look like and to be honest, it’s quite the standard affair.

We Sing Robbie01.jpgWe Sing Robbie02.jpgWe Sing Robbie03.jpgWe Sing Robbie04.jpgWe Sing Robbie05.jpgWe Sing Robbie06.jpgWe Sing Robbie07.jpgWe Sing Robbie08.jpgWe Sing Robbie09.jpgWe Sing Robbie10.jpg
It seems to be the usual graphics over video which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as Robbie has had some great videos, the chances of seeing the full version of Rock DJ is very slim though as it was very rarely seen on TV, even late at night.
We Sing Robbie11.jpgWe Sing Robbie12.jpgWe Sing Robbie13.jpgWe Sing Robbie14.jpgWe Sing Robbie15.jpgWe Sing Robbie16.jpgWe Sing Robbie17.jpgWe Sing Robbie18.jpgWe Sing Robbie19.jpgWe Sing Robbie20.jpg
I don’t wanna link, DJ:
Website: WeSingGame.com
Twitter: @WeSingGame
Facebook: Facebook.com/WeSingGame

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