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Sony's Proposed PSN Update

It happened for some, but not for others. It happened and then it didn’t as some people got the update, then it apparently reverted back to the old version, so what does it look like?

NASCAR Comes To PlayStation Network

Paramount Digital Entertainment, NASCAR, Sony Computer Entertainment of America and Piranha Games all want to announce that Days of Thunder: NASCAR Edition is coming to the PlayStation Network. “Racing against NASCAR drivers such as Jimmie Johnson and Mark Martin and ‘Days of Thunder’ characters Cole Trickle, Rowdy Burns, and Russ Wheeler simultaneously is something that could only happen in a video game, and a great way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film,” said Tom Lesinski, president of Paramount Digital Entertainment. “We are pleased to team up with SCEA and NASCAR to bring fans an adrenaline packed, one-of-a-kind arcade racing experience.”

Top Gun Tropies Revealed

Twelve tropies and 300 points are up for grabs in Top Gun that’s available for download for the PlayStation 3 from the PlayStation Network. Game info: Top Gun is a free-flying air combat shooter where players blast enemies out of the sky in dogfight battles, obliterate ground and air-based targets and show off their extreme flying prowess as Maverick. Alongside their Radar Intercept Officer Goose, players enroll in flight school to go up against the best for Top Gun honors, before teaming up with US Navy pilots in hopes to become one of the few to survive the “Danger Zone” over the Indian Ocean. Top Gun also features five multiplayer modes, where up to sixteen players can relive the thrills from the film and interactively experience US Navy combat!

DeathSpank Lead July PSN Sales

Forecasting and Analyzing Digital Entertainment is a company that has tracked the sales of downloadable games on the Playstation Network, specifically covering over 100 PS3 titles with trophy support. PS3 gamers must be too busy playing online for free to rub it in Xbox 360 gamers faces and not buying PSN titles due to XBLA selling a while lot more. For example, no title has reached the 500,000 units sold mark on PSN, whereas XBLA has nearly recorded its 4th million-seller in Trials HD, but apparently the average PSN title has grossed $730,000 USD in revenue over its lifetime, compared with $1.1 million on XBLA, and that’s considered a success…

Bionic Commando Rearms Fact Sheet

Capcom unveils the next evolution in 3D side-scrolling action with Bionic Commando Rearmed 2. Nathan Spencer returns as the daring elite soldier equipped with special bionic abilities. Spencer will have to face his greatest challenge yet as General Sabio, a new technologically sophisticated foe, is on the brink of launching a deadly missile attack.

Kick Some Ass On PSN

To coincide with the release of Kick Ass on DVD and Blu Ray today (in the US anyway), WHA Entertainment have announced that a new lower price of $9.99 for Kick-Ass on the PlayStation Network is now in effect. “One of the most popular action movies of the year, Kick Ass wowed both fans and critics and the DVD is sure to become a collector’s item,” said Howard Horowitz, Founder and CEO of WHA Entertainment, Inc. “We wanted to make sure the game is available to as many of the movie fans as possible so that is why we are making the move to this new lower price point for the game. Now all the fans out there can enjoy the supercharged action on PSN.”

Blacklight Tango Down launch trailer

As you may know, Blacklight Tango Down was released this week and so to celebrate this, a launch trailer was released for gamers to watch and see what the game is about.

Play a Dead Space 2 prequel before the game

Hours before engineer Isaac Clarke begins his adventure on “The Sprawl” in Dead Space 2 a Necromorph outbreak occurs – but how did the events unfold? EA’s Visceral Games studio is going to release Dead Space Ignition, an all-new downloadable game that takes place on the Sprawl and challenges players to survive the initial Necromorph outbreak, available in Autumn on Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Network. “Dead Space Ignition is the first of many exciting game extensions we have planned for the launch of Dead Space 2,” said Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer on Dead Space franchise. “The interactive comic-style game will give Dead Space fans a unique perspective on the events leading up to Dead Space 2, but will also introduce the storyline to a brand-new audience of gamers.” Game info: Dead Space Ignition combines an interactive comic-style story with three unique hacking mini games; Hardware Crack, Trace Route and System Override. Each game offers a fun and satisfying arcade experience that will challenge players with puzzles and twitch gameplay. Dead Space Ignition features a unique “Choose Your Own...

What a lovely bunch of coconuts

Coconut Dodge is from FuturLab, where your objective is to help Clawrence the Crab rank up a massive score by collecting valuable gems, and avoiding the blizzard of falling coconuts. Game info: The premise is simple: avoid the coconuts, collect everything else. Collecting gold tokens give you 100 points, diamonds 400 points, rubies 800 points, and gold bars are worth an astonishing 1000 points.