Inaugurate Your Saints Row IV Character

Do you remember how you were able to create a character for Saints Row 3 and then import it into the game once you had it? Deep Silver and Volition have done it again for Saints Row IV, but this time, it’s known as the Inauguration Station.

As from today, PC and Xbox 360 gamers can download the Inauguration Station for free, so that you can create your President in any way that’s unique to you, then show it off to the community on PlayStation 3 gamers have to wait until tomorrow to enter their President in the election campaign.

Small, tall, male or female, your President can look as odd or normal as you want them to, but if you would just rather tweak your Saints Row: The Third character, you have the option to download it. All this is in time for when Saints Row IV is launched on August 23rd, so you don’t have to rush to get your character as perfect as possible.
To download the Inauguration Station, go to:
Check out the linkage for more info:

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