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The Dubstep Gun is a Reality

What did you think about the 4ft Dildo Bat? Ladies and gentlemen, what would you say if Deep Silver made a replica of the Dubstep Gun and brought it to reality? You wouldn’t believe me, right? Being just a little one-man blogsitethingy here?

Inaugurate Your Saints Row IV Character

Do you remember how you were able to create a character for Saints Row 3 and then import it into the game once you had it? Deep Silver and Volition have done it again for Saints Row IV, but this time, it’s known as the Inauguration Station.

Saint's Row the Third Art & Screens

There hasn’t been a lot revealed about Saint’s Row the Third, a website was launched with a bit of info and a teaser trailer of ‘actual gameplay‘ was shown to the masses, but now THQ has unleashed a whole bunch of artwork and screenshots for us to drool and salivate over and yes, they look like the game is going look awesome.