Saint's Row the Third Art & Screens

There hasn’t been a lot revealed about Saint’s Row the Third, a website was launched with a bit of info and a teaser trailer of ‘actual gameplay‘ was shown to the masses, but now THQ has unleashed a whole bunch of artwork and screenshots for us to drool and salivate over and yes, they look like the game is going look awesome.

SRIIIArt01.jpg SRIIIArt02.jpg SRIIIArt03.jpg SRIIIArt04.jpg SRIIIArt05.jpg SRIIIArt06.jpg SRIIIArt07.jpg SRIIIArt08.jpg SRIIIArt09.jpg SRIIIArt10.jpg SRIIIArt11.jpg SRIIIArt12.jpg SRIIIArt13.jpg SRIIIArt14.jpg[/pe2-gallery]
SRIII01.jpg SRIII02.jpg SRIII03.jpg SRIII04.jpg SRIII05.jpg SRIII06.jpg SRIII07.jpg SRIII08.jpg SRIII09.jpg SRIII10.jpg SRIII11.jpg SRIII12.jpg SRIII13.jpg SRIII14.jpg SRIII15.jpg SRIII16.jpg SRIII17.jpg SRIII18.jpg SRIII19.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

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