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Kinzie Kensington Cosplay Done Right

Saints Row’s Kinzie Kensington who is the FBI geek of Saints Row the Third and Saints Row IV has got many cosplayers, finding one who you think portrays her in the way you most know her as isn’t too difficult.

Have a 3Way with Saints Row

There aren’t many what you would call, ‘Gaming Bars’ around, so Loading has kind of got that niche covered and as a celebration of the release of the Genkibowl VII DLC for Saints Row The Third, a trio of shots have been created.

PS3 Owners, Buy One Saint’s Row, Get Another One Free

We all like free stuff (if you don’t, what’s wrong with you?) and especially free games, so for all PlayStation 3 gamers that buy Saints Row: The Third and redeem the online pass within the next 90 days (yes, you have GOT to redeem it before then), you will receive a free digital download of Saints Row 2.

Saints Row the Third Platinum Pack Unboxed

The latest and greatest Saints Row has been released in the US, but us folks of the UK have to wait until Friday before we can get our hands on it, thanks to the internet though, someone has put up a few images of their Saints Row the Third Platinum Pack.

Saint's Row the Third Art & Screens

There hasn’t been a lot revealed about Saint’s Row the Third, a website was launched with a bit of info and a teaser trailer of ‘actual gameplay‘ was shown to the masses, but now THQ has unleashed a whole bunch of artwork and screenshots for us to drool and salivate over and yes, they look like the game is going look awesome.