Have a 3Way with Saints Row

There aren’t many what you would call, ‘Gaming Bars’ around, so Loading has kind of got that niche covered and as a celebration of the release of the Genkibowl VII DLC for Saints Row The Third, a trio of shots have been created.

“Having been big fans of Genkibowl since its inception, we made it our priority to become involved in this event and are honoured to help take it to the next level as the drinks sponsor for this year’s incarnation,” said Loading’s owner James Dance.

Drinks info:
Each of the three shots represents one of the notorious gangs from Steelport:
Agwa (Green) for the Luchadores, Jim Beam Red Stag for the Morning Star, Bombay Saphire & Blue Curacao for Deckers. Then mix a drink of ‘Saints Rush’ (other energy drinks are available) and Blackcurrant Coulis in a pint glass.
Drink one of three ways:

  • 3 and Easy, drink each shot in turn the recover with a refreshing energy drink to recover.
  • 3’s a crowd, pour each shot straight into the pink glass and mix together.
  • Triple Penetration, feeling hardcore? Place all three at the top of the pint glass and slam to drop all three shots in and drink away.

If you have the Saints Row The Third Season Pass, the Genkibowl VII is included, otherwise, you will need to pay 560 Microsoft Points, £4.49 on Steam and probably the same on PlayStation Network.
If you want to find out more about Loading, visit www.drinkrelaxplay.co.uk.