Dead Island Riptide Coming 2013

If you were wondering when Dead Island Riptide was going to be released, Deep Silver have finally answered that question with a scheduled date of April 23rd, 2013, although, it is subject to change in the event of any delays or the world ending.

Dead Island Riptide PC Dead Island Riptide X360
Dead Island Riptide PS3

Oh, the “rest of the world” will have to wait until April 26th because as usual, US and Canada like to release their games on Tuesdays, whereas everyone else prefers Friday, so that gamers have the whole weekend to enjoy the game(s) they’ve bought.
If you pre-order from or, you could be in with a chance of being upgraded to the limited steelbook edition.

Dead Island Riptide Steelbook Edition

Two different editions of Dead Island Riptide:

  • Pre-order Edition: This version of Dead Island Riptide will include an exclusive pack of weapon mods that allows even more, manifold ways to dispose of the ghastly zombie hordes on Palanai island.
  • Special Retailers Edition: In addition to the weapon mods this version will contain an alternate character skin not obtainable anywhere else! The Special Edition of Dead Island Riptide will only be available at selected retail partners. Details about the retail partners per territory offering the Special Edition will be announced soon. The Special Retailers Edition will also feature an alternative packshot.

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