A Minecraft Dilemma

A Minecraft dilemma… I’ve come so far with my FTB Beyond playthrough on the Team Emmmmsie server and the base area is coming along nicely, but I’m not sure if it’s worth continuing on there.

I’ve put about 300 hours in on the server and everything was peachy at first. People wanted in, dozens wanted their name whitelisted and the anticipation was high, but it seems the novelty wore of very quickly.

Most of the time now, I’m the only one who plays on the server for any long periods of time. You might get one or two pop on for whatever reason, then they leave after about ten minutes.
It’s that reason why I’m considering restarting a FTB Beyond playthrough with a new world and just in single player.

It’s the same with the TeEm FTB Infinity Evolved server, but that never really took off and only a select few decided to play on there. Not that I would have probably played with others, but the option could have been there.

It was nice to have tried out the modpack and I actually got quite into doing quests, but when you don’t see any other players on the server, you might as well be playing offline.

For that reason, I might play on a server I’ve been asked to join which means starting all over, but I didn’t really get very far with Infinity Evolved in the same sense as Beyond.

So, that’s the dilemma. It’s all about whether I start over offline (FTB Beyond) and on another server (FTB Infinity Evolved) or just continue on the TeEm servers.

That said, if a hosting company would like to sponsor me a 6GB FTB Beyond server for maybe a handful of players, I wouldn’t say no and would appreciate it immensely! 😉