My heel is hurting :(

Most of today has been spent finishing off the decorating, it was mainly the matter of doing around the windows which isn’t too bad since it was only the top half of the room, the bottom half consists of artex, so that just has a lick of paint now and then.

Due to me doing pretty much everything barefooted, it’s caused my heel to ache somehow and I get the feeling it’s going to throb like fuck later, it’s already doing the ‘woam woam’ thing. I can’t be arsed with decorating, painting I can handle as I’m pretty good with a brush or roller, but when it comes to sticking up paper, forget it. Give me a room with proper 90° angles and I could probably do a half decent job, but when you’re trying to work with completely random angles and totally mis-aligned walls and ceilings, it becomes a task and a half to get the paper up straight.

Anyway, it’s done now and I can rest until next week where I’ll be taking a sledgehammer to the old fishpond and sorting the garden out with the matter of a tree to be disposed of as well as the rickety old shed being taken down and somehow got rid of.