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My Hero Academia RPG Now Published by Crunchyroll Games

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, will now be published by Crunchyroll Games it has been announced, with in-game celebrations starting today.

My Hero Academia - The Strongest Hero Social Banner
To celebrate the game under the Crunchyroll Games banner, fans can enjoy several in-game celebrations:

  • The launch of the Character Summon Card for Best Jeanist, the Fiber Master pro hero.
  • A special “Strongest Hero x Crunchyroll Celebration” login event, running for seven days starting April 6. Users who play the game every day during this window will receive seven Card Summon Tickets.
  • One Character Select Ticket reward delivered to the in-game mailbox of all players who play the game between April 6 and April 20.
  • Crunchyroll Games is also sharing one general code that can be redeemed for three Card Summon Tickets. The code TSH2CR2022 is available to be redeemed now until April 20.

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero has found the perfect home at Crunchyroll Games with our focus on delivering rich anime experiences to fans,” said Terry Li, General Manager of Games, Crunchyroll. “We have a lot in store for players this year, so stay tuned for even more Plus Ultra action!

Based on the smash-hit anime series, My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero immerses players into the world of Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki, alongside pro heroes like All Might and Endeavor as players select their hero teams, explore the city, and take down villains in a quest to become the strongest hero.

Now that Crunchryoll and Funimation have come together, Crunchyroll Games can explore even more gaming opportunities to leverage and maximise more anime IP than ever before.

Players can take advantage of these events ahead of the big one-year anniversary celebration this spring, which will include tons of new events, login bonuses, giveaways, and character releases.

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