Video Strip Poker Gets 10th Supreme Pack

Strip poker! Another exception for some PC news here and why? Sexy ladies, of course. Not the pixellated sprite variety either, but real women that will take their clothes off for you… if you can beat them at poker, that is.
Disclaimer/Warning! Before you proceed, you must be 18 or over to view the images.

Torquemada Games has announced a 10th anniversary pack of babes for you to play against, if you own the main Video Strip Poker Supreme game, you can add the pack to play against such babes as Sunday, Maria, Katerina, Melissa and a duo of super sexy blondes – Dawn and Wendy.

Video Strip Poker Supreme PR Manager said:
“I love my job! Look at this trailer and you will understand what I mean”.

The 10th pack is released in May, but if you want to try a demo and get more info, visit