Latest Gaming Indulgence

Couldn’t resist such a bargain over the weekend, I figured that, as a gamer, I shoud really be collecting the different gaming systems (really regret selling my Mega Drive II and Mega CD II).

So as part of (re)building up my collection, I decided to get the GAME Exclusive DSi Black with Reshiram and Zekrom print and Pokémon Black bundle which was at a bargain price of £95.99 ($155 USD approx).

Limited Edition DSi with Pokémon Black

It basically makes the DSi £70 as Pokémon Black retails for around £25.99, it’s pretty doubtful you’ll find it any cheaper, even eBay unless they start at a low price and sell for less than they wanted to. Anyway, that was my little indulgence to keep me happy for a while!

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